Johnny Bravo ‘s the titular chief protagonist of collection

Voiced From the

His low, boorish, and you may dim-witted traits cause an incorrigible inability to draw ladies, together with delivering washed out by the them or maybe just in the some body, to-be a running fun from the series.


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Johnny wears a black clothing, bluish jeans, black sneakers, gelled upwards blonde tresses, along with his trademark eyeglasses. He’s got an extremely muscular generate, that can easily be overstated sizes. Due to the fact noticed in « Bravo Dooby-Doo », Johnny enjoys black colored, dotted vision, much like the almost every other people.


Johnny Bravo is actually a highly dark-witted, ill-mannered and you may inconsiderate beefcake. He’s really packed with himself, usually checking decorative mirrors and you may twisting their muscles facing girls. Through the a conversation having people, Johnny will always be look for a means to change the brand new conversation as much as so they really are speaking of your within the an enthusiastic effort to help make the woman realize their confident traits, even though this energy to do this reflects him while the a good narcissist. Johnny also naively and you may faultily thinks that all girls need him, no matter if it share the reality that he is bored stiff. Because of this, Johnny has got the courage to talk to one lady rather than doubt, and even kisses one to abreast of fulfilling their on pilot. Johnny comes with zero feeling of individual place, when he usually rushes in the girls and you can bends them backward when you are flirting together, causing many of them going to him away from disgust. The guy also periodically flirts having women who seem to be into the a great matchmaking, going so far as to point cheat without any anxiety about consequences.

Another feature Johnny and has are high commitment, when he is certainly going owing to of many tasks, also lifetime-harmful ones, to earn a great girl’s cardio, even though this frequently contributes to failure. These types of downfalls are due to Johnny’s incompetence along with his belief one to good looks and manly methods is enough to profit the heart. On account of his superficial feedback into the dating, Johnny usually snacks potential couples particularly « irritating homemaker » sizes or ignores their demands in support of his personal.

Despite their muscular stature, they are effortlessly washed-out by the almost all creatures and you will people the guy activities. This is often due to some grounds, like the high intensity of toxic drugs or other substances inside the human body. Johnny’s diet plan includes mostly unhealthy foods and you may chicken (possibly taken in Recommended Site bizarrely substandard indicates, such drinking glasses of bacon grease), let-alone delicacies anyone else can find unpleasant, instance foods out-of Pops’ Moonlight Castle. Their interest in such as dinner more than likely originated becoming given specific dinners by the their mom, Bunny.

Johnny are made available to be not very brilliant, entirely without a wise practice and you will general education. They can even be interpreted once the a masculine signal of one’s « stupid blond » stereotype. His quantity of cleverness and you will immaturity may vary regarding time and energy to time, periodically depicted in more high implies than normal. They are really gullible and easy so you’re able to prank, becoming called a beneficial « bonehead » ever since he was a young child. Based on a keen anthropologist, he’s much dumber than just a monkey. Not surprisingly, Johnny usually talks within the good snarky, remarkable manner and you will spends « big » words periodically. Total, Johnny appears to be more capable in the his very own interests than just academics otherwise almost some thing he deems nerdy. For example, Johnny have encyclopedic information about Jerky Jake’s brand name animal meat jerky. He has also many information about Mr. Kevin’s Locks Gel due to using warehouse trip an enormous amount of times.